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There’s a reason we’re the largest network of high-quality shops!

We created RepairPal to take the mystery out of auto repair. Our goal is to connect consumers with the best auto repair shops across the nation. We send many of these customers to RepairPal Certified Shops, knowing these shops will give them a superb car care experience marked by transparency and trust.

Get New Customers


Website Referrals is the No. 1 auto repair website with over 5 million visitors monthly. Our strong search engine optimization strategy includes millions of pages designed to educate and inform visitors about their initial questions, and then direct them to your business. Shops that are RepairPal Certified can expect an average of 10 to 12 customer…
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Partner Referrals

In addition to, we have optional partner and tow programs which provide more avenues for new customers. Our partner programs bring in repairs from insurance companies, extended warranties and tow programs. Partners like CarMax®, The Warranty Group, USAA® and others trust RepairPal with their customers.
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Building trust

Fair Price Estimator

Our Fair Price Estimator educates consumers about the cost of auto repair. Use this tool as a support mechanism to ensure your customers don’t leave the shop feeling like they overspent. By including it on your site or in your marketing, you can make the consumer feel empowered, which builds their trust in your business.
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Your Shop Profile

Your profile delivers the first impression a new customer will have of you. Once your shop becomes certified, you and your dedicated success manager will work together to complete your shop profile. We’ll help you post photos and optimize your listing so customers can find your profile on Google and see what you have to…
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Auto Related Content

In an effort to take the mystery out of auto repair, we’ve authored thousands of pages of valuable, auto repair and maintenance content for consumers. When you become RepairPal Certified, we give you the option to share this information with your customers, further strengthening your trust with your customer.
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Our Shops have a lot to say about RepairPal

Jim Maddox, Jim’s Automotive, Albuquerque, NM

“RepairPal is one of the reasons why we are busy, [and I admit your program is working]. We had a tow in today from an insurance company that came from RepairPal’s program. Thank you for holding my hand long enough to make me try it out. I am a believer.”

Diane Larson, Larson’s Service, Peabody, MA

“Through RepairPal last month, we had four new clients resulting in over $1,500 in revenue. There are not people looking for a $19.99 oil change, but educated consumers who have done some research and are looking for the best place to have it serviced. We adore our new clients and are happy they found us through RepairPal!”

Partnering with You

Dedicated Success Manager

We are invested in your growth and our team of dedicated success managers partner with you to improve your customer conversion and increase the value you get from RepairPal.
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If lack of training has been your barrier to certification, RepairPal can help. Your techs now have easier access to training, at no cost to you. Upon completion, your shop is one step closer to certification.
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Shop Analytics

Certification Report

Fine-tuning processes in just a few areas can often dramatically improve sales and productivity for a repair shop — if the data to make those fine-tuning decisions is available. Small upgrades that can add up to big revenue boosts for repair shops. However, most shops don’t have access to the high-priced consultants who analyze shop…
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We created the dashboard to allow you to track and respond to all your RepairPal customer activity in one convenient location. You’ll be able to review calls, see appointments and bookings, and manage your profile.
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