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A Moving Target Is Always Tougher To Repair. Keep Intermittent Faults From Becoming Consistent Headaches.

Case Study #342

1997 Camry Stalling

“My engine won’t start.” A no-start is usually an easy diagnosis, but it’s really irritating when the engine starts immediately after the tow truck drops the front wheels to the ground. This 1997 Camry played that game. The rotary solenoid idle control device is the most common cause of a no-start on this generation of Toyota engines, but that’s just a guess now that the engine is starting fine.

The traditional no-start flow chart really doesn’t help here, because it assumes that the fault is present. But this fault is not present…or is it? Are there still indications of a fault with the idle control solenoid even though it’s working? Well, you’ll never see it in a flow chart, but this is the time to leverage your Scan Tool to quickly and non-invasively see if the idle solenoid is hanging up.

By ‘non-invasive’ we mean...

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Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop by Improving Relationship Quality and Strengthening the Customer Loyalty Chain

It’s a question that is rarely far from your mind as an auto repair shop owner or service advisers: How can I increase business at my auto repair shop?

According to recent findings in the Journal of Creating Value, auto repair shops need to put just as much effort into relationships as they do repairs. After conducting a telephone survey of a random sample of 408 customers of auto repair and maintenance services, they discovered some important insight into what creates valuable, life-long customers.

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Quality Control Case Study

The quality of work being delivered to customers was very high, but complaints were coming in due to residual issues. These complaints would negate all the positive core work that had been performed. For example, a customer could spend $1,000 for repairs on their vehicle, then get in their car, move their hand over the steering wheel, and feel the grease that the technician left behind. The customer would then forget about how well their car drove and focus on the greasy steering wheel.

Over a period of two days, owner of Golden Rule Auto Care and service writer, Chris Cloutier, inspected every completed, serviced vehicle for the following residual issues:

  • Is there grease on the hood, door, steering wheel, console, etc.?
  • Are check engine or warning lights on?
  • If an oil change was performed, are lights reset and sticker placed in windshield?
  • Are tools left in the vehicle?
  • Is the work...

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RepairPal Jill Talks About Her Online Presence In The Automotive Industry

RepairPal Jill talks to Jamilah Corbitt, Founder of i am a brand, about breaking into the automotive industry as a female authority. Jill is a fantastic leader at RepairPal and serves as a resource to both shops and consumers across the nation. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ RepairPal Jill on Facebook and follow her (@RepairPal_Jill) on Twitter! Check out her recent interview:

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Top Events at Vision 2017

Going to Vision?

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Jeremy O’Neal, an experienced and savvy shop coach, has created a list of recommended courses to help shop owners and business managers make the most of their time at Vision:

Top Events at Vision

Thursday March 2, 2017

The Profitable Service Advisor – Presented by Jeremy O’Neal
There is a system that the top 1% of all Service Advisors use every day to create profitable sales. This course is designed to help Service Advisors understand how to create profitable sales on a daily basis. We’ll begin by helping each advisor create a plan to drive the...

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