RepairPal Connects Consumers with the
Best Auto Repair Shops Across the Nation
RepairPal Connects Consumers with the Best Auto Repair Shops Across the Nation

Become RepairPal Certified and join the USAA referral program

USAA will be promoting RepairPal Certified shops to customers near you in need of repairs and routine maintenance. They will be promoting shops in several ways, including through the USAA insurance website.
About USAA:

USAA has more than 11 million members, with 92% saying they plan on staying with USAA for life. USAA has higher satisfaction ratings than any other public company in the United States. Their members trust and believe in their recommendations.

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What USAA Members Are Saying About RepairPal Certified Shops:

91% say they’d refer a friend to a RepairPal shop.
100% say they received GREAT service.
95% say their car was ready when promised

*Stats based on a post-repair survey of USAA members, in which they rated various aspects of their experience on a 1-10 scale. The above percentages were calculated based on USAA members who gave a rating of 8 or higher in each category.

Program FAQs:

Will USAA be controlling the prices I charge in my shop?
No, USAA will be using the RepairPal fair price guarantee, as calculated by our estimator. They are not going to impose any additional restrictions on parts and labor fees.

Does USAA pay for shop fees or diagnostics?
No, USAA is not going to be financially involved in this transaction. It is a referral program.

Will USAA be collecting payments from their members for the referrals they’re making?
Not at this time. USAA will refer the members to your shop and you’ll collect payment for any services rendered as you normally do.