RepairPal’s Compassion Waiver Program provides monthly fee relief to shops impacted by Hurricane Ian


San Francisco, CA – RepairPal, the largest trusted auto repair network for high quality and fair prices, has proactively identified shops in their Certified network impacted by Hurricane Ian, to waive their October monthly service feeThis relief will give shops a chance to catch their breath and get caught up with their business after experiencing the disaster.

“RepairPal stands with our shops during this and any difficult times. From the shop owner living in his shop because his home is destroyed, to the shops closed and evacuated, to those who have been spared but are doing their best to valiantly help out their not-as-lucky neighboring shops, we’re here and helping out too, including waiving our monthly fees to help shops acquire new business and cut costs during this difficult time.”

Kathleen Long, CRO at RepairPal

As one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States in decades, Hurricane Ian caused massive devastation in its path; washing away roads, bridges, cars, boats and homes, and causing over 100 deaths. In all, the storm knocked out power to more than four million people in Florida, and an additional 1.1 million homes and businesses when the storm plowed through the Carolinas. Due to Ian, people were forced to evacuate, businesses closed, and buildings destroyed.

Kathleen Long, CRO at RepairPal also offers this advice for auto repair shops impacted by a disaster: 

“Find a partner shop you can refer your customers to while you rebuild. It is best to build this relationship before disaster strikes, taking care of your business in advance just as you would a family member. I also recommend that when in recovery or partial operations mode, that you schedule carefully and strategically, ensuring you help customers with the most severe problems first, and reschedule those who can wait. Helping someone in their moment of greatest need helps you to retain that customer for life, and in emergency situations, most customers with more minor issues will be patient with any delays.”

Kathleen Long, CRO at RepairPal

RepairPal reached out to its shop community to find that, in fact, many were under water, had no power, and experienced damage. These shops shared how the fee waiver they received made a positive impact – especially as some shops continued to pay their staff.

RepairPal encourages other shop providers to offer fee waivers as well, and recommends that anyone who’d like to donate to an automotive focused relief fund consider the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation.

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