Remarkable Results Podcast, ON POINT, features Jill Trotta from RepairPal


Jill-Trotta-ON-POINT Jill Trotta, Director Automotive Group at RepairPal provides an in-depth discussion on the benefits and value of this shop referral site. A few of our previous podcast guests are RepairPal members and that got me curious and prompted a call to Jill for an interview. According to Jill there are 1200 participant shops in their program and there has been a phenomenal growth in the two years she has been with RepairPal. She says their website is getting 3.5 million hits and brings in about 12 opportunities, each month, for participant shop. Among the take-a-ways she discusses a vetting process for new shops that is necessary to keep RepairPal’s integrity high. Pricing transparency came up and we had a lively discussion on it. See for yourself if RepairPal brings value to your shop.

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