Learn How Quality Lubricants Can Help Drive Your Business


You use quality parts, training, & tools. But do you use quality fluids?

Every part of your business banks on the value you provide to your customers, and it’s the special stuff they see that brings them back for all their maintenance needs. It’s the stuff they can’t see, however, that keeps their cars going.

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to automotive parts and repair. A quick search for something as simple as oil returns countless options. Like with service, the biggest trap a consumer can fall into is basing their choice off of the price. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Those cheaper lubricants selling for cents on the gallon are likely made with low quality stock and missing the additives necessary to prevent engine sludge and prolong service life. On the other side, springing for the gold-filtered ultra-mega dollar lubricants promising to add 20 horsepower and 10 miles to the gallon aren’t going to live up to your customer’s expectations and they ultimately may become unhappy with you.

Using quality, premium lubricants ensures your customers get exactly what they need. This extends to every part of their vehicle. From motor oil, transmission fluid, and even bearing grease, using the right lubricants can keep your customers’ vehicles on the road and circling back to your shop.

Do your customers know what quality of lubricants you’re employing? Every interaction you have with your customers strengthens their understanding of the value of you and your facility. Making sure your customers know what’s going into their cars can educate them and add confidence in your business and keep them coming back for their next service.

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