The Infamous Price Shopper




One of the biggest obstacles to gaining new customers and building life-long relationships has been the “Price Shopper”. We all know them. The Price Shopper is that phone call you get from a customer simply requesting a price quote and nothing else. They’re not interested in discussing the full details of their issue because they are afraid that they are going to be suckered into something.

Many of us are frustrated by these calls. However, RepairPal offers the perfect solution to this.

Ratchet & Wrench says, ‘If they’re truly just calling around for the cheapest price, they’re not going to want to engage in conversation. Typically what happens is that after I ask what’s going on, they reiterate that they’re just looking for a price. That’s a price shopper. They don’t want to talk.

When that happens, that’s a piece of cake. I just say, “Let’s look this up.” We’re a member of RepairPal. It’s a fabulous resource because they seek out the best shops and when the site gives out a price for something, they give out quality parts and quality labor. It’s not going to be the $69 brake job that later costs $1,200. I say, “Let’s do this together and you can see the $300–$600 range of what’s a fair deal on a starter for this particular car. I’m right in the middle. When would you like to bring your car in?”’

Check out this article by Ratchet & Wrentch recommending RepairPal.

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