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Building a better auto repair business

Two Ways to Build a Better Auto Repair Business

The goal of any auto repair business is to grow a strong customer base. Yet, many owners struggle with doing so in a market that is often saturated and highly competitive. However, there are two essential techniques that will have you on your way to building a better auto repair business.

1. Education and Networking

In the automotive industry, staying up to date on new technologies is essential. The sheer number of new features available on newer model vehicles requires education for every employee. There is nothing more frustrating to a potential customer than finding out that he or she will be without a vehicle for several days, and in many cases, this can even cost you the customer. Making sure that all of your employees keep up with new technologies not only increases your potential client base, it also ensures that you can help them in a timely manner, since you don’t have to put them on a waiting list for the one or two employees who have the correct knowledge for their issue.

Education in the automotive repair business goes much farther than simply sitting in a classroom. There are numerous trade shows, special events and even online forums and training organizations where you and your employees can gain additional education and insight. These events and resources allow you to network with like-minded individuals who may have greater knowledge in certain areas. While it may seem counter-intuitive to attempt working with competitors in your area, having others that can answer your questions will only help your business grow. Additionally, being able to send clients their way when you are booked solid will help you build your reputation in the industry.

2. Combine Competitiveness and Community

There are few communities that don’t have several auto repair businesses competing for the same customers. This means that you have to compete with colleagues to increase your customer base. However, you should keep in mind that building a sense of community is a valuable and important endeavor. Your business relies on the community to grow, and it is important that potential customers see that you truly care about the area you serve.

One of the best ways to do this is to become involved with select community events. You can even invite other auto repair businesses in the area to join in with your efforts to further increase the overall success. In this way, you not only show potential clients that you are there for the community, you also lessen the impact of competitiveness between businesses.

Increasing education and building a sense of community are two sure-fire ways to build your auto repair business. Making sure your employees keep up with ASE certification and participate in ongoing education ensures your business can meet the needs of today’s customers, while fostering a strong sense of community involvement makes sure people are aware of your business.

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