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How Online Word of Mouth Can Help You Find New Auto Repair Customers

When it comes to automotive repair, consumers don’t like to mess around. The financial cost is too high and the personal consequences too great for the average motorist to choose a mechanic based on flashy advertising alone. A quick informal survey among your friends will usually reveal the truth. Most people tend to either return to mechanics they trust or when that’s not possible, they choose the second-best option: they ask someone they respect for a qualified recommendation.

Auto repair, then, is an industry where online advertising might not work in the same way that it does with other products and services and where a mechanic might well benefit from a little insight into human nature. In the world of auto repair, the word-of-mouth recommendation could likely bring in far more customers than a simple impersonal ad. So how, then, can an auto repair shop best blend the effectiveness of personal recommendations with the far-reaching effects of online advertising?

One of the best ways to find new auto repair customers is to fill your ads with testimonials from some of your current satisfied customers. Nothing speaks to potential clients like the voices of existing ones. When it comes to auto repair, customers trust other customers. So as you plan out your advertising, be sure to make full use of all those compliments you’ve heard from your satisfied clients by placing personal testimonials front-and-center in your promotional material. You’ll be amazed by how effective the voice of the customer can be.

Auto repair shops should also focus on establishing an online presence on sites where potential customers can search for reputable shops and read, as well as write, reviews that describe the customer service and skill a shop provides.

For more information and ideas about how your business can find new automotive repair customers, contact us. We can help you with your online advertising and ensure that your ad reaches its widest possible audience through our national network of auto repair shops and customers. Visit our website to see how our services are helping businesses like yours achieve a more credible and trustworthy online presence.

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