See RepairPal Results from Real Owners!


“We get work and new customers from RepairPal referrals! RepairPal is a very polished operation and reflects well on the industry.”

– Bill Dougherty, Bosch Car Service Owner, Dougherty Automotive Servicesmini bosch
West Chester, PA



“With RepairPal, I see an increase in work coming in the shop and I think it’s great is that potential customers can see my verified reviews!”

mini bosch– Bernie Oliveira, Bosch Car Service Owner, Bernie’s Automotive
Doraville, GA


bryan“Bottom Line: RepairPal is getting us new customers to our shop.”

– Bryan Gossel, Jasper Shop Owner,BG Automotive
Fort Collins, CO


thomasRepairPal is paying off!

– Thomas Streife, Jasper Shop Owner, A-1 Quality Car Care
Palm Springs, FL


mark fonte“RepairPal brings me lots of calls. Many are good. Some are out of the park great.”

– Mark Fonte, Jasper Shop Owner,Dennis Automotive / Automatic Transmissions
Kenner, LA


GavinWe have seen a sharp increase in the number of conversions from caller to customer in the past weeks, some driving for 30 miles each way due to our reviews on the RepairPal site.”

– Gavin Wray, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner,Wray’s Auto Service
Holiday, FL


“Plain and simple, I like RepairPal because we are getting results.

 – Allen Barghi, NAPA Service AutoCare Owner, Certified Auto Repair Specialist
Pasadena, CA


“Great customers have found us for the first time. RepairPal offers awesome search engine power.”

– Cody Morelock, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Advanced Automotive
Redding, CA



I like the RepairPal Certified program. It helps get cars in my bays and gives the client peace of mind.”

– Barbara Kinder, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner,Autotech Auto Center
O’Fallon, MO


“RepairPal is one of the reasons why we are busy, and I admit your program is working. We had a tow in today from an insurance company that came from RepairPal’s program. Thank you for holding my hand long enough to make me try it out. I am a believer.”

– Jim Maddox, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Jim’s Automotive
Albuquerque, NM


lee“I am grateful to be a part of your network and thankful for the spectacular people I get to work with. Once again just a big THANK YOU for hard work and effort in this great opportunity!”

– Lee Weatherby, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Accurate Automotive
Mesa, AZ


“I get a great return on investment. RepairPal does generate traffic and gives us the ability to track the success of those leads. They charge a fair fee for monthly usage and a scaling rate for successful conversions into customers.”

– Brad Updegraff, ATI Service Advisor, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive
Austin, TX


Ken Steinbach“RepairPal is a quality organization. They delivers what they promise.”

– Ken Steinbach, ATI Shop Owner, Caton Auto Clinice
Catonsville, MD



“I really like the professional look of the RepairPal site. The explanations are accurate and prices are within my range.

– Lance Buick, ATI Shop Owner, Auto Statione
Omaha, NE


“Results have come in immediately! This is a great program that gives us outside credibility.”

– Brett Clancy
Meridian, ID 



“It brings in way more business than it costs.”

– Cory Beilharz
Knoxville, TN


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