See RepairPal Results from TECHNET Owners!


“When we signed up, it was one of the best moves we’ve ever done. Many companies claim to work. RepairPal, in the first week, is the only one that got results. We consistently get more and more calls from RepairPal. ”

– Julio Calderon, TECHNET Shop Owner, Calderon Automotive Repair Services
Orlando, FL


Working with RepairPal has been great and I get more than my money’s worth from your services. It’s great to work with a company willing to stand behind me!

– Rick Uihlein, TECHNET Shop Owner, Rick’s Auto Center
Hamden, CT


“RepairPal offers a great value.”

Brian Dwyer, TECHNET Shop Owner, Fort Collins Muffler & Automotive
Fort Collins, CO


“RepairPal has brought in new good business, the dashboard works really well to be able to hear the calls and make adjustments, and the estimator tool works well and delivers accurate price ranges.”

–Mike Koch, TECHNET Shop Owner, AZ Automasters
Chandler, AZ


“Good communication with my personally assigned RepairPal account manager makes it easier to work with and helps me maximize value.”

–Charles Kidwell, TECHNET Shop Owner, Freestate Auto & Truck Service Inc
Capitol Heights, MD



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