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Stuck?!? A RepairPal Shop Gets A Customer Back On The Road… And How!

Uh oh. Robert C. of Hewitt, New Jersey was stuck on I-80 near Michigan City, NJ on a trip to Illinois. He was towed off the freeway to a nearby motel, but just didn’t feel confident in the tow truck driver’s auto repair shop recommendation. He googled “Mercedes Benz repair in Michigan City, IN” and RepairPal came up first in the search results.

He called Cannon’s Automotive intending to leave a message and was delighted to reach someone, even though it was well past closing time. They promised to have a tow truck pick him up at 7 am the next morning and bring his car into the shop. The diagnostic revealed some serious issues, so Cannon’s service manager called in a senior technician on his day off, specifically to work on Robert’s car.

Cannon's Automotive Under The Hood

After a couple of days, with consistent communication and excellent service throughout, including allowing Robert’s family to come and pick up him and his gear from the car being repaired, Robert and his wife were back on the road to their destination with a safe car. Robert relates that Cannon’s Automotive even test drove the car for 50 miles to ensure they’d have no further problems with the vehicle.

Once back at home, Robert wrote me a letter to describe his experience, and said “Cannon’s Automotive is a very top-notch, professional shop and they truly had this customer’s best interest in mind. If RepairPal has any type of acknowledgement or award presented to a repair facility for outstanding customer service, I would nominate Cannon’s Automotive!”

Another delighted customer, and an example of the kind of shops that RepairPal is proud to feature in our network of Certified shops. Congratulations, Cannon’s Automotive!

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