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Simple Tips for Servicing Millennials

Millennials_Happy_300x200Gen Y comprises those individuals born between 1975 and 1995, and that is the generation of independence. Gen Y grew up in stores without salespeople; they want to hear information about a product without hearing a sales pitch.

Recently I learned of a shop that discovered a way to connect with millennials: pictures. When a salesperson discusses finances with a potential client, he or she draws a picture or diagram to demonstrate the various aspects of the conversation. This helps the Gen Y client feel that they are a part of a conversation and that they are gaining something of value, rather than being sold something for the sake of sales.

Another approach that succeeds with Gen Y-ers takes advantage of their familiarity with technology. When recommending a tire warranty, for example, pull out your smartphone. Even the best brands have glitches sometimes, and warranties help people prepare for those times. This generation will respond positively to seeing a tangible item while discussing something intangible.

These tactics aren’t just successful with the Millennial Generation; people of all ages appreciate visual aids and props when considering a purchase.

Dan-LeftDan Gilley is the president and owner of RLO Training. 
He passionately works to further the automotive industry and encourage shop owners and their teams in achieving personal and professional best. Dan and his team are continually updating their multiple workshops and creating new, different and specific courses for the industry. 

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