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RepairPal Partners Receive Recognition from 2015 Kukui Awards


RepairPal strives to work with the best individuals in the automotive industry and award-winning companies. We endeavor to provide honesty and transparency to both shops and consumers. We do this without seeking recognition; we do it because we believe in the process, we believe in the necessity of quality service and we believe in the importance of keeping automotive industry fair. However, when awards are given out, we are extremely honored and proud to recognize the recipients.

RepairPal’s own Automotive Group Director, Jill Trotta, recently received Kukui’s Humanitarian Award. She was recognized for her passion and experience in the automotive industry. On top of her automotive experience, she was also recognized for her support and dedication to the automotive community. This is a testament to the operations of RepairPal and how our team makes every effort to provide unparalleled service. We are personally proud of Jill Trotta and her well-deserved award.

At the same time, one of RepairPal’s certified companies, Houska Automotive Services, Inc., was awarded Kukui’s Superior Customer Service Award. Houska is a family-owned operation that is more than just a repair shop; they provide quality service as well as loaner cars, free wi-fi, and up-to-date trained professionals and technicians. Kukui recognized Houska for their professionalism, friendliness, and quality high-level customer service. RepairPal is proud to have Houska Automotive Services as a RepairPal Certified shop with their dedication to customers and the automotive services they provide.

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