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See RepairPal Results from Real NAPA AutoCare Center Owners!

bryan“Bottom Line: RepairPal is getting us new customers to our shop.”

– Bryan Gossel, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner,BG Automotive
Fort Collins, CO


GavinWe have seen a sharp increase in the number of conversions from caller to customer in the past weeks, some driving for 30 miles each way due to our reviews on the RepairPal site.”

– Gavin Wray, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner,Wray’s Auto Service
Holiday, FL


“Plain and simple, I like RepairPal because we are getting results.

 – Allen Barghi, NAPA Service AutoCare Owner, Certified Auto Repair Specialist
Pasadena, CA


“Great customers have found us for the first time. RepairPal offers awesome search engine power.”

– Cody Morelock, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Advanced Automotive
Redding, CA


barbI like the RepairPal Certified program. It helps get cars in my bays and gives the client peace of mind.”

– Barbara Kinder, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner,Autotech Auto Center
O’Fallon, MO


“RepairPal is one of the reasons why we are busy, and I admit your program is working. We had a tow in today from an insurance company that came from RepairPal’s program. Thank you for holding my hand long enough to make me try it out. I am a believer.”

– Jim Maddox, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Jim’s Automotive
Albuquerque, NM


lee“I am grateful to be a part of your network and thankful for the spectacular people I get to work with. Once again just a big THANK YOU for hard work and effort in this great opportunity!”

– Lee Weatherby, NAPA AutoCare Center Owner, Accurate Automotive
Mesa, AZ

Let's grow your repair business

Learn how RepairPal will help you improve trust with both new and existing customers. Your shop will increase retention, improve conversion, and attract new business.