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Learn About RepairPal’s Certified Shop Program for AARP Members

Meet a Whole New Long-Term, Local Customers


As a RepairPal Certified shop, you can meet a huge set of new potential customers. AARP is a nonprofit organization that serves up to 37 million members and 22 million unique households who are age 50 and older.

Why did AARP choose to work with RepairPal?

RepairPal’s mission is to find and certify the most trusted, high-quality repair shops across the U.S. and to build a nationwide network of these trusted shops.  AARP wants its members to benefit from having their cars serviced where trust, quality, and value go hand-in-hand. AARP has entrusted RepairPal to find the best repair shops in the country, and to provide great value and a rewarding experience for its members.

Key Benefits of the Program for Your Shop

As a RepairPal Certified shop, you can automatically be opted-in to the program. There is not extra cost – it’s part of your monthly subscription fee.
Your shop benefits from:

  • Enhanced credibility through your shop’s association with the AARP brand, which stands for:

· Trust
· Integrity
· Stability
· Credibility
· Reliability

  • The opportunity to win long-term, loyal customers by connecting with the AARP members in your community
  • The potential to increase car counts, transaction amounts, and service visit frequency for your shop
  • A stronger positive image for your shop in your community by offering a meaningful discount to seniors who are AARP members

Read the official press release.

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