WEBINAR: Making negative reviews work for your auto repair shop, not against it


Thank you to all who attended this live webinar with RepairPal and AutoShopFollowUp.com. If you missed this webinar, don’t worry. You can click the image above to view the recording.

During this webinar you will meet Mike Carrillo of AutoShopFollowup.com and Jill Trotta, Automotive Group Director at RepairPal. They help auto repair shops, like yours, navigate and successful replies to negative reviews.

They’ll explain exactly how to reply to negative reviews and get your ratings back on track.

In this 1-hour webinar class, you’ll discover:
5 components of a successful reply to a negative review
Examples of replies that worked—and a few that didn’t
Join us for this 1-hour training and be prepared to respond to any unhappy customer in a reputation-saving way.
Negative reviews happen to even the best shops, so don’t let them get you (or your sales) down.

Are you interested in writing for the RepairPal blog, “Modern Shop Owner”? Please contact us at pr@repairpal.com.



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