Seeing is Believing, The Good and The Bad!

danny_sanchez4Looking for more cars in the bay? Want more quality customers? Then don’t fail at the basics: your initial impression on your customers. Take a hard look at what your customers see.
Potential customers don’t know you and your passion for helping people and fixing cars. They don’t know you spend every Tuesday night working with the YMCA and the local youth baseball team. What they do see is what you display. From your online presence to your signage, what customers see is what they will ultimately believe about you.
Almost all new customers will research you online before they give you a call. Many shop owners make the mistake of thinking that having a website is the same as having a powerful marketing website. Similar thinking would tell you, “I have a car – therefore, I have a race car!” Your website is the anchor to all of your marketing efforts. To grow your business, it needs to reflect the level of professionalism you want customers to believe about you!
So take a look around, but look through the eyes of a potential customer. The changes you make may help you get a few new customers, and assure your regular customers that working with you is the right decision as well!
Danny Sanchez is the CEO of Autoshop Solutions, a website design and Internet marketing company that exclusively serves the automotive industry. He can be reached at or by phone at (888) 847-7036.

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