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SEO Expert: Rev Up Your Profile Page


Want to get more business from RepairPal?

Here’s some tips on how you can format your profile to increase your calls.





Customers consistently cite your star ranking and number of reviews as their most important decision factor. Having at least 15 reviews and 4 stars or above is critical to your success as a shop.

  • Make sure you’ve given us contact data to get your first 25 reviews if you’re new to the system.
  • Been here awhile?  Make sure you encourage your customers to review you on RepairPal.  Consider linking your RepairPal page from your shop’s website and asking customers to review you there.
  • Have a bad first review?  Then it’s very important to get new reviews that show your shop in a better light.


Business Title

If you’re a specialist, mention the makes you focus on in your title:

Joe’s Shop | Audi, BMW, Benz Specialists


  • Have a great picture of the outside of your shop, so customers will be able to find it, and use this as your first picture.

good images

  • If you’re a specialist, have pictures of car makes you specialize in in your first picture.
  • Be sure to include a picture of you and your staff, as well.  Customers like to see the people they will be doing business with, especially if they look friendly and personable! However, do not make this your first image.

employee image

  • Consider adding text to your picture to highlight what makes your shop unique (specialties, amenities, etc.)
  • Do not use a logo for your photo, as it will make the shop seem less personable.


Shop Description

Having a detailed shop description also helps your customers see what makes your shop special and worth visiting. Things to highlight in the description of your shop are:

  • Your specialties
  • Staff training and certifications
  • Your shop amenities
  • The number of years your shop has been in business
  • Community recognition or involvement



Running a special?  Let us know, and we can highlight that on your page.


And lastly…

Highlight your participation in RepairPal on your own website, using our review and estimator widgets available only to our customers.  This helps to highlight that you are a high quality, fair priced shop.

Let's grow your repair business

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