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RepairPal makes sense and has been a great partner for our business. We have already recommended RepairPal to several hundred shops through ATI.”

– Lee Weatherby, Kukui Customer, Accurate Automotive Mesa, AZ

  “Bottom Line: RepairPal is getting us new customers to our shop.”
– Bryan Gossel, Kukui Customer, BG Automotive Fort Collins, CO
“I think that the RepairPal algorithm for calculating approximate repair costs is a great product for preparing consumers for what to expect, and we find the leads RepairPal provides are ready to buy, which helps our sales process.”
- Dave Long, Kukui Customer, Dave’s Auto Repair Palo Alto, CA .
“RepairPal offers me strong ROI results.”
- Danny Chan, Kukui Customer, The Garage San Francisco, CA  

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Eric Lawton administrator

Eric Lawton, with over 8 years of auto repair marketing experience, is the trade marketing manager at RepairPal. He works on connecting with shop owners and exploring ways to optimize and increase their business.

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