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Auto Shop Tips

August 5, 2017

All American Auto Repair Gains Traction with Google and New Customers After RepairPal Certification

Kevin Millard’s 23-year-old repair shop survived Hurricane Andrew and the 2008 economic collapse, but he wasn’t sure if he could beat the odds of getting found on Google once people stopped relying on the yellow pages. He tried every kind of social media and online ad service to find new customers, but nothing performed as...

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February 16, 2015

See RepairPal Results from Real Owners!

“We get work and new customers from RepairPal referrals! RepairPal is a very polished operation and reflects well on the industry.” – Bill Dougherty, Bosch Car Service Owner, Dougherty Automotive Services West Chester, PA     “With RepairPal, I see an increase in work coming in the shop and I think it’s great is that potential customers can...

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October 22, 2014

See RepairPal Results from Kukui Shops!

“RepairPal makes sense and has been a great partner for our business. We have already recommended RepairPal to several hundred shops through ATI.” – Lee Weatherby, Kukui Customer, Accurate Automotive Mesa, AZ   “Bottom Line: RepairPal is getting us new customers to our shop.” – Bryan Gossel, Kukui Customer, BG Automotive Fort Collins, CO   “I think...

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