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3 Ways To Get More Business From Your Auto Repair Customers

As an auto repair shop, much of your success depends on bringing in a steady stream of new customers. After all, the person who comes in today for a repair may not return to your shop for several months, when their car is in need of additional maintenance. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You know better than most that routine upkeep is an important part of keeping your car in good, working order. Why not share this wisdom with your customers and give them some compelling reasons to bring their cars in more often?

By implementing a few simple marketing tactics, you can encourage your auto repair customers to take better care of their cars and, in turn, bring you more business.

1. Personalized Email Marketing

Today’s email marketing has the ability to be more innovative than ever. By segmenting your audience based...

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Auto Repair Marketing That Takes a Stand & Demonstrates Authority

Talk to five different marketing pros, and you get five different answers about the ideal auto repair marketing campaign. Some are big social media fans, while others swear by upgrading a shop’s signage. Other suggestions may include an overhaul of your waiting area, a uniform phone protocol, or an investment in technician training and shop certifications, such as the coveted RepairPal-Certified designation. In fact, they are all correct.

Stand up and Be Heard

That said, there is one marketing approach that you may not yet have attempted, although it incorporates some of the earlier suggestions. Take a stand on an issue that matters to your customers and tends to be moderately divisive. In the field of auto body repair, restorations, and even maintenance, you will likely find that the use of aftermarket parts is one such issue.

Aftermarket vs. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts

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3 Auto Repair Marketing Mistakes That Send Customers Elsewhere

Body Shop Business insiders have taken an industry profile and learned that an average 85 percent of repair estimates translate into actual jobs. This is actually a very encouraging statistic. But if your own number is lower than the average, there could be a reason. You may be making one of the fundamental three auto repair marketing mistakes.

1. Your SEO and inbound marketing strategies are too broad.

In the auto repair business, you are not dealing with customers from across the country. Instead, your clients are local. When you target keywords like “auto repair” or “repair shop”—or even long-tail keywords like “best auto repair shop”—you’re not only competing in a gigantic pool of other repair business, but you’re also targeting a ton of people who will never need your services: people who don’t live near you.


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Simple Tricks to Help You Attract New Auto Repair Customers

If you’re in the auto repair business, one of your number one goals is likely to establish yourself as the go-to neighborhood shop. But how do you attract new auto repair customers when they don’t even know when they’ll need you? Auto repair is often an unexpected crisis. When a frustrated car owner is looking for a reliable repair shop, how do you get their attention and convince them you’re the right choice?

Here are some simple yet effective ways to attract new customers and keep your shop top of mind.

  • Provide FREE diagnostic checks—and not just when asked. Advertise it proudly and be sure current and potential customers know about it.
  • When suggesting additional maintenance at the bottom of an invoice, include estimated prices. Don’t make the customer ask. (They usually won’t.) Give them all the...

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3 Community Events Where You Can Find New Auto Repair Customers

You do not have to go to a trade show to find new auto repair customers. Instead, focus your efforts on local community events that bring out neighbors who already live close to your place of business.

1. Street Fairs

Usually put on by the local chamber of commerce, these fairs provide opportunities for neighborhood businesses to set up small stalls that introduce their companies. Inquire early about setting up a booth where you can hand out coupons and brochures detailing your services and connect with local auto repair customers.

2. Neighborhood Events

Neighbors usually put on these events in the form of block parties or seasonal/holiday celebrations. Learn about these opportunities and offer to come out, provide prizes for some games/raffles, and take the opportunity to be seen as a part of the local community.

3. Outreach Opportunities

Organizations that put...

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