If you worry you’re spending too much time and effort on non-profitable clients and price shoppers, then you don’t want to miss this Modern Shop Owner Webinar with Barry Barrett of RLO Training and RepairPal’s own Jill Trotta.

They’ll explain exactly how to determine the lifetime value of a customer…and how to grow it.


The whole webinar is packed with great info, and you’ll particularly want to pay attention at these points:

  • 07:25 — Find out the lifetime value of just one customer and why it pays to pick up the phone
  • 12:45 — Discover how to present yourself on the phone to land more customers and earn more revenue for your shop (yes, how you handle this call makes a difference in how much you earn!)
  • 20:57 — Learn how to invite the customer into your shop and get them to confirm the appointment
  • 24:17 — Understand why it’s important to record your calls and how you can make more money by doing it
  • 37:00 — Handle those price shopper questions with ease and offer 10 good reasons why they should come to you
  • 44:55 — Gain trust from callers by using RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator to override price concerns
  • 53:10 — Develop your responses to build trust with new callers to your shop

Did you know ROs from RepairPal leads average $532? And that we send 8-10 new leads to our certified shops every month, on average?

Combine those statistics with what you learned today about increasing the value of your customers, and you’ve got a winning formula for making more money with less effort.

Sound good?

Then fill out the the form on this page to find out how RepairPal Certification can work for your shop.

Meet New Customers, Average Repair Order over $500. Schedule your demo now:

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