RepairPal Connects Consumers with the
Best Auto Repair Shops Across the Nation
RepairPal Connects Consumers with the Best Auto Repair Shops Across the Nation

RepairPal’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is designed to make as many new people as possible visit your shop page and select your shop for an upcoming or needed repair. We have over 1 million pages of content on our website, designed to educate and inform over 4 million site visitors a month about their initial questions, and then, about your shop!


Make Model Problems

This includes search terms like “Cadillac Catera Problems in (City, State)”. When someone searches for this, they end up on a page like the one below where they can search for a shop or ask the community a question.


Make Model Repair
This also includes terms like “Mitsubishi Lancer Repair in City, State”. This delivers a result similar to the one below, where your shop is listed (among others in the area).


Repair Cost Search Terms
Many customers search for things like “fuel pump replacement cost” or “fuel pump replacement cost in City, State”. Depending on how specific their search is, we’ll direct them to either a local or national estimate page, to search for a shop like yours.


When I search for my shop name, my profile on RepairPal is not coming up first in the results! Why is that?

RepairPal works a lot more on repairs, questions and targeted searches for specific makes, models, part types and repairs.  We are not a yellow pages for shops people already know about.  Instead, we are working to deliver you customers who otherwise would not know about your shop.

Do you compete with my existing SEO efforts or my website marketing?

It is unlikely that we compete in any significant way — our goal is to inform people about your shop when they don’t know anything about you. We also include a link on your shop profile page on RepairPal back to your shop’s website.  We aren’t trying to drive traffic back to your website (we want to capture it on ours so we can show you value), but we realize that having the link there is positive for your own website’s SEO, especially since your shop page on our site may get hundreds or thousands of views in a given month.

People don’t mention that they found my shop on RepairPal. How do I know you were involved?

Because we have such a strong SEO strategy and we are making good use of Google’s search algorithms to deliver answers and content, including information about your shop, often web searchers won’t realize they found your shop on RepairPal. We are working to strengthen our own brand to increase the level of awareness with consumers, but we skew toward promoting your shop over our own brand.  If you monitor your calls, appointments and messages using the shop portal, you can see the value we are providing.  Further value can be proven using our free Customer Verification Program.  Learn more here:

It’s been a week, and I am not seeing strong results yet. Why is that?

Once we make your shop profile live, it can take some time for Google to index your shop results among the others. We also need to ensure you have a strong profile, with attractive pictures, good marketing text, current reviews and that you are participating in all partner and extra value programs.  Your Shop Success Manager is assigned to you to ensure that this happens and you make the most of your program participation.