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Our Data Can Help Your Shop — Even if You Don’t Join RepairPal

(Be sure to check out the sample certification report in this blog post to see what yours will look like.) Fine-tuning processes in just a few areas can often dramatically improve sales and productivity for a repair shop — if the data to make those fine-tuning decisions is available. Small upgrades that can add up to big revenue boosts for repair shops. However, most shops don’t have access to the high-priced consultants who analyze shop processes, customer reviews and productivity. This means they don’t get the data and insights that lead to these small but important changes. So these repair shop owners do one of two things: Change nothing, hoping at best to stay at the same level of success (even though the market is constantly evolving) Try a little bit of everything in the hopes that something sticks (also called the “spray and pray” approach) Neither option helps a repair shop grow in a…

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RepairPal Jill Talks About Her Online Presence In The Automotive Industry

RepairPal Jill talks to Jamilah Corbitt, Founder of i am a brand, about breaking into the automotive industry as a female authority. Jill is a fantastic leader at RepairPal and serves as a resource to both shops and consumers across the nation. Don't forget to 'Like' RepairPal Jill on Facebook and follow her (@RepairPal_Jill) on Twitter! Check out her recent interview:

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Top Events at Vision 2017

Going to Vision? Us too! Come see us in Booth 828 to hear how we help shops like yours get new customers, and help you get found on on the web from our 4 million visitors each month...Aaaand to sign up for our giveaway: a remote control drone! Or go here to learn more today. Jeremy O'Neal, an experienced and savvy shop coach, has created a list of recommended courses to help shop owners and business managers make the most of their time at Vision: Top Events at Vision Thursday March 2, 2017 The Profitable Service Advisor - Presented by Jeremy O’Neal There is a system that the top 1% of all Service Advisors use every day to create profitable sales. This course is designed to help Service Advisors understand how to create profitable sales on a daily basis. We'll begin by helping each advisor create a plan to drive the car count needed each day through…

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Honor, Courage, Commitment

Cars never break down at convenient times.  For Jacquie Kemmerer, it was especially difficult timing.  She lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona and she was in a military funeral procession on the way to the cemetery in her Jeep Cherokee when, as as she puts it “the radiator literally blew up”.   She wasn’t in her own neighborhood, so she didn’t know what shops were nearby or whom she could trust.  She called her insurance provider, USAA, to see if they could offer her any suggestions.  They referred her to a RepairPal Certified shop nearby, Sun City Exxon Auto Care.  Jacquie called the owner, Raymond Sanchez, and explained her situation.  He immediately sprang into action, making Jacquie a priority.  He towed her car to his shop, changed the radiator and the hoses and got the job done the same day. But Jacquie’s woes weren’t over.  A few days later, fluid was leaking from her vehicle.…

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3 Ways To Get More Business From Your Auto Repair Customers

As an auto repair shop, much of your success depends on bringing in a steady stream of new customers. After all, the person who comes in today for a repair may not return to your shop for several months, when their car is in need of additional maintenance. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You know better than most that routine upkeep is an important part of keeping your car in good, working order. Why not share this wisdom with your customers and give them some compelling reasons to bring their cars in more often? By implementing a few simple marketing tactics, you can encourage your auto repair customers to take better care of their cars and, in turn, bring you more business. 1. Personalized Email Marketing Today's email marketing has the ability to be more innovative than ever. By segmenting your audience based on their age, family status, type of vehicle, or…

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