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Announcing our New Shop Dashboard!

We are so excited to reveal our new Shop Dashboard for our 2,000+ Certified shops.  CEO Art Shaw says, “A big goal for the Dashboard was creating a simple and easy-to-use design.  We wanted shop owners to be able to see at a glance all of their calls, emails, and tows they’re getting from RepairPal, even if they’re using a smartphone.” The new Shop Dashboard allows you to log in and immediately track and respond to your RepairPal customer activity in one convenient location.  Check out the quick overview: Features: See exactly where RepairPal customer traffic is coming from so you know right away how Certification is paying off in real dollars Track from the customer’s first call all the way to final invoicing to manage service quality and customer retention Manage shop listing details directly from the Dashboard (hint: enter your shop’s website page in your listing for a boost in Google rankings due…

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