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WEBINAR: Making negative reviews work for your auto repair shop, not against it

Thank you to all who attended this live webinar with RepairPal and If you missed this webinar, don't worry. You can click the image above to view the recording. During this webinar you will meet Mike Carrillo of and Jill Trotta, Automotive Group Director at RepairPal. They help auto repair shops, like yours, navigate and successful replies to negative reviews. They'll explain exactly how to reply to negative reviews and get your ratings back on track. In this 1-hour webinar class, you’ll discover: 5 components of a successful reply to a negative review Examples of replies that worked—and a few that didn’t Join us for this 1-hour training and be prepared to respond to any unhappy customer in a reputation-saving way. Negative reviews happen to even the best shops, so don’t let them get you (or your sales) down. Are you interested in writing for the RepairPal blog, "Modern Shop Owner"? Please contact us…

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[Webinar] Making negative reviews work for you, not against you

If you struggle to know what to do with your shop’s negative reviews, then you don’t want to miss this RepairPal Modern Shop Owner Webinar with Mike Carrillo of and Jill Trotta of RepairPal.      They'll explain exactly how to reply to negative reviews and get your ratings back on track. Bonus: Share one of your shop’s negative reviews during the webinar and get Mike’s help in responding—on the spot!   Webinar: Negative Reviews: Making them work for you, not against you. Date: July 13, 2017 Time: 1 PM PDT   There is no cost to attend, but you do need to register to gain access.   In this 1-hour video class, you’ll discover: 5 components of a successful reply to a negative review (steal this formula) Examples of replies that worked—and a few that didn’t (real-life scenarios to guide you) How to craft a reply to an actual negative review for your shop (get Mike’s…

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3 Reasons TECHNET Members Grow with RepairPal Certification

Are you a member of TECHNET? Then you are one of the 9,200 elite shops who already know the value of marketing, ongoing training, and helpful business resources in growing your repair shop’s revenue. To add to that strong foundation, TECHNET and RepairPal have partnered together to make your path to RepairPal Certified status even easier. George Lesniak, Director of Commercial Programs at TECHNET, says, “RepairPal is becoming a standard-bearer for quality in the auto repair industry. Our Members receive special opportunities to demonstrate their quality and grow their business with access to RepairPal’s leading auto repair site and attractive partners.” TECHNET thinks you should become RepairPal Certified, and this is why: What RepairPal Certified Status Does for Your Shop Our RepairPal Certified program identifies, supports, and promotes quality shops to quality prospects you may not be able to reach on your own. Certification with RepairPal inspires consumer confidence, reduces pricing negotiations, and gives you…

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[Webinar] Use social media to improve customer service and get more referrals

Are you getting referrals from social media? You could be! Emma Vaughn of Main Street Hub helps auto shops like yours get more word-of-mouth and referrals on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, & Instagram. In our next RepairPal Modern Shop Owner Webinar, Emma will teach shop owners like you how to stop wasting time on social media and see positive, bankable results from your efforts. Joining her will be Kathleen Long, our VP of Shop Network. In this 1-hour webinar class, you’ll discover: 1. Simple ways to get your customers talking about you (increase word-of-mouth) 2. How to build communication channels online (website and other directories) 3. What ads have showed us on how to serve your customers 4. How to post on social media to boost your customer service and increase testimonials FREE BONUS: A 1-on-1 social media consultation after the webinar from Main Street Hub! You don't want to miss it!  Sign up today: SAVE…

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Telematics leader Zubie joins forces with RepairPal® to deliver real-time car repair information and access to certified repair shops

                                              Zubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics provider, today took another step forward in delivering on the promise of the connected car, announcing its partnership with RepairPal®, the place to find high-quality, trustworthy auto repair shops. Through the integration with RepairPal, users of the Zubie app -- fleet operators, consumers and others -- will have unprecedented transparency into what the "check engine light" is indicating and what action to take. The app displays not only the cause of the warning light in simple language everyone can understand, but also the severity of the problem, and an estimated cost to fix. The app includes a list of RepairPal Certified shops in the area, making it simpler to quickly schedule an appointment with a reliable, fair-priced repair shop. The RepairPal Certified network currently has nearly…

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