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Using Customer Analytics to Grow Your Auto Repair Business

In recent years, we’ve seen online businesses thrive as a result of their access to analytics reports that told them who visited their sites, what they looked at, and what they bought. Online business owners could opt for more detailed reports that told them how long people spent on certain pages and even how long they spent looking at certain parts of specific pages. It’s clear to most anyone how this information could be used to improve customer experiences and help businesses close more sales. However, brick and mortar businesses like auto repair shops have had very little access to the same types of data until now. Now, using tools like Google Analytics, any business with a functioning website can obtain all sorts of useful information about the current and potential customers who are visiting them online. As an auto repair you can track the following metrics: How many people are coming to your website…

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Optimizing Your Website to Market Your Auto Repair Business

Today's auto repair customers expect your web presence to be professional, up to date, and easy to find. Unfortunately, many auto repair shops and other small businesses often rely on their Facebook page as the only online representation of their business.  Though it’s crucial for repair shops to have an active Facebook page to bring in customers and build their brand, it’s also important to have a website that establishes you as a trusted and professional source of repairs. Without a fully optimized website, some customers may choose to go with another service provider, a national chain, or a company they feel they can trust more because the company has a strong, modern web presence. If your business's website is due for a facelift, here are five ways to improve your web presence and attract new auto repair customers. 1. Consider UX (User Experience) in your web design. User-driven design is extremely important for business websites because…

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How Local Media Coverage Can Increase Business at Your Auto Repair Shop

As an auto repair shop owner, you may not think much about your day-to-day business is newsworthy. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Local news is quite different than national and even statewide news. You have everything from local papers and business journals to hometown and indie radio stations. It’s surprisingly easy to get in touch with reporters and show hosts from these types of media outlets. In addition, there are many story angles when it comes to topics like buying or selling a vehicle, and auto repair and maintenance. Consider some of these questions to discover interesting and timely topics: Do cars develop a lot of rust in your area due to weather conditions? What tires do best on potholes in your region? Can you help clients shop for the best cars to safely handle snowy or icy weather? Which model cars are the best from your experience, that keep running 15 years or more…

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3 Auto Repair Marketing Mistakes That Send Customers Elsewhere

Body Shop Business insiders have taken an industry profile and learned that an average 85 percent of repair estimates translate into actual jobs. This is actually a very encouraging statistic. But if your own number is lower than the average, there could be a reason. You may be making one of the fundamental three auto repair marketing mistakes. 1. Your SEO and inbound marketing strategies are too broad. In the auto repair business, you are not dealing with customers from across the country. Instead, your clients are local. When you target keywords like “auto repair” or “repair shop”—or even long-tail keywords like “best auto repair shop”—you’re not only competing in a gigantic pool of other repair business, but you’re also targeting a ton of people who will never need your services: people who don’t live near you. Solution: Target city-specific keywords in order to reach the customers who actually need you. Write content for your…

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4 Reasons to Use RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator in Your Auto Repair Marketing

There are numerous reasons why consumers dread visiting the local auto body shop. Among them is the use of insider lingo, less than sanitary conditions, and the fear of paying too much for a product or service. As an industry professional, you already know about the RepairPal Certification and its effect on your credibility; did you also know that by incorporating mentions of our Fair Price Estimator in your auto repair marketing you could get more business? By combining manufacturer-suggested retail pricing for parts with automotive industry labor data, the tool lets consumers know what kind of costs to expect. When you mention this tool to your customers, you provide them with four good reasons to take their business to you. 1. Opens a Dialog The prospective customer contacts your shop and wants to learn more about the price. After educating herself on the RepairPal website about the price range for the needed service, you can…

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