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Dealing with Emotional Customers – A Guide

Customers who feel worried, anxious and upset can be difficult to deal with. The effort drains your energy and puts a kink in your day. Words are powerful — we know that. But the right words are even better. The best thing you can do for an emotional customer is to tell them exactly what they want to hear. No, not about their car. Despite what they’re saying, the car is not their underlying worry. It’s the expense of the repair that worries them — spending a lot of money on it. Or it’s the inconvenience of not having transportation when the car breaks down. Or it’s the decision they feel being forced on them — should they spend money on repairs or trade the car in for a new one? Those are the real issues you need to talk with them about. That’s why they brought their vehicle to you. They already have some…

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Why Training Will Help You Get and Keep Skilled Techs

Ask a typical shop owner what the best way to keep techs loyal is, and the most common answer will be “money.” But this isn’t correct — it’s been proven wrong countless times in other industries. Numerous studies have been conducted to learn what motivates employees. When asked to list the 10 things most important to their workers, managers almost always put money, commissions and bonuses at the top of the list. But when employees were asked, they placed money a lot lower. What will keep techs loyal to you? If you’ve studied management or psychology, you know that workers often say these things are more important than money: 1) They want to feel respected by their managers. 2) They want to feel important to the company they work for. 3) They want to feel like their work is meaningful — that it makes life better for somebody. When you provide ongoing training, you help…

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10-Point Checklist to Get More Customers and Higher Income in 2018

You get so busy during the day running your repair shop that it's sometimes hard to find the time to take a step back and plan for a more prosperous future. That's why we created this simple checklist to help you quickly and accurately review your shop's annual performance in... Attracting new customers Getting more repeat business from existing customers Converting more phone calls into appointments ...and then using that information to increase your success in the next 12 months. Bookmark this 10-point checklist and use it once per year to keep your repair shop business growing with quality customers. Download & Print: 10-Point Checklist for 2018 Part 1: Review the Previous 12 Months If you don't know where you are, then you'll have a hard time reaching your destination. This necessary first step of reviewing the past 12 months is also (thankfully) the easiest. The information is already there in your shop management system, RepairPal…

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