mark.morris“RepairPal is working well for me. I like the recorded phone call feature. It has been helpful for training.”

– Mark Morris, Owner, Liberty AutoService, Cumming, GA


diane“Through RepairPal last month we had four new clients resulting in over $1,500 in revenue. These are not people looking for a $19.99 oil change, but educated consumers who have done some research and are looking for the best place to have it serviced. We adore our new Internet clients and are very happy they found us through RepairPal!”

– Diane Larson, Owner, Larson’s Service, Peabody, MA


joe“People are finding our shop through the RepairPal website. It has expanded our reach quite a bit. These improvements have resulted in a monthly revenue increase of $3,000 to $5,000.”

– Joe Jacobs, Owner, DW Campbell Tire & Auto, Atlanta, GA   ratchetf


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